Center Scott Quessenberry on OL Communication

Oct. 6 -- UCLA center Scott Quessenberry said that, when the offensive line is having issues, it's all about communication...

Scott Quessenberry talked to us after practice during Arizona State week.

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On ASU’s offensive challenge for them:

They’re an experienced physical group, they want to get after the quarterback. They’ll be a good challenge for us.

On ASU’s ability to get to the quarterback:

There is a lot of tenacity to that group, they bring a lot of stunts. They do a goo djob using their hands, a very polished group, very experienced. A lot comes from experience. They always have a good scheme and always come ready to play.

On run blocking issues:

Communication.  Plain and simple, all communication. We need to do a better job as a group and get everybody ready. Calls, directional calls, double teams going to the correct guy. Arizona, there was trouble because they threw so much at us, we have to do a better job against unscouted looks.

On if the movement at the line caused the issues:

Movement creates penetration and penetration kills plays.

On if it's on man blocking more than zone blocking:

No, I don’t think so. Really it comes down to identification and communication.

On Andre James:

I think he did well, Everyone has that trial by fire time and he had his on Saturday and he stepped up to the challenge. Going forward, whoever is in at right tackle, I’ll be comfortable with him in there.

On Kolton Miller:

I haven’t heard anything.

On if he spent anytime instructing James:

We’ve been training for this when winter program started and we’ve always said next man up and next man up does his job.

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