UCLA QB Josh Rosen Talks Offense, Previews ASU

Oct. 5 -- UCLA sophomore quarterback Josh Rosen spoke about what went right against Arizona in the second half, the play of Andre James at right tackle and previewed the Arizona State matchup...


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On things clicking in the second half:

We just started doing things better. I got some time up front, our receivers caught the ball, there is no secret recipe, we just did better.

On being more comfortable with the offense:

We were always, especially during the season, you're installing game plan, 10-15% of your calls you put in on Tuesday or Wednesday, so you adapt to them quick, but the basic gameplan is more familiar the longer you're in it.


On how often he's had to check down:

Not an incredible amount.  It's what the defense tells you to do. I could have all the checks in my back pocket, but if I don't have to use them, we haven't had many teams do exotic things, I've maybe changed 3-4 times a game, but hopefully, you save a sack, save a play, do something big.

On checking down:

A lot of the coaches put that on themselves, so the game plan is sound. So we can try to predict the situations, every team has a rhyme and reason for what they do and our coaches try to take that off my plate, but they also give me predetermined things to go with.  You try to coach your players where those few times you're wrong, they have a plan to go to.

On if Andre James will be invited to the lineman dinner:

Lineman dinner is Wednesday, so we'll see.  It depends, sometimes guys have home work.

On how Andre James played:

He did pretty well.  You have to believe and trust yourself. The guys across are really big too so you have to trust your technique and believe in yourself.

On if losing lineman affects him:

No.  Not at all. It can't affect the way you play. It can affect the play calling, but there is one way to read every play against a single coverage, you can't stray from that regardless.  Play calling may change, but from my end, it doesn't change at all.


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