UCLA Kicker Frustrated With His FG Misses

Oct. 6 -- UCLA freshman kicker J.J. Molson broke down his field-goal misses, his hash mark preference, his bright cleats and more...


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On being locked in this week:

I would say that I kind of tried to understand what I was doing wrong. It's been a rough start and I've had a couple unacceptable misses in games I should have made and that's due to a lack of focus on my part. I told myself what I could do better to stay more dialed in. Doing everything right off the field, and on the field, when Coach calls my name, avoid distractions. After kicks, keep my head down. I would say my attention to detail and concentration every kick has been turned up a notch.

On what he describe as an unacceptable miss:

All of them. I should make those. The one against Texas A&M, even though Coach Sumlin iced me, I messed up, I didn't angle the ball properly.  BYU, was lack of concentration and I didn't angle my steps properly.  Against Arizona, I took my steps back and looked at the play clock and it said 12 seconds, so instead of staying dialed in, I tried to rush my steps, and angling off my steps, I went straight. It was a great kick, but I can't do that. You're the starting kicker at UCLA, you can't do that, its unacceptable, I can't miss that. People say 'you're a freshman' but I'm better than that. So going forward, throughout this week, I'll keep the same mindset I had and stay dialed in the entire game, so when my name is called, I'm ready.

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On seeing the ball kick off the uprights:

It hurts, yeah, it hurts. It sucked.  You go there hoping for the best and then you see it go off the left upright, I tried to turn my body, like some golfers do. That's just unacceptable.

On his most comfortable hash:

Probably my most comfortable kick would be right middle. So lets say the game is on the line, I tell the coach, get to the right middle. But it doesn't really matter.

On if he'd ever have a ball go off the top of the uprights like that:

Yeah. It was a good kick, my angle, I was hoping it would go over the upright so it would be left up to review. You just focus on ASU.

On his red shoes:

A lot of people ask me that. So I had the gold cleats during spring ball but they were Nike cleats, so I'd spray them over.  Sorry adidas.  But then coach didn't want me to wear them anymore, so I asked our equipment guy Brendan and this was the only cleat I liked on my feet but it's the only color as well, so I was just sticking with them, gold to red.

On why the coaches didn't like the gold:

I don't know, I think it was too flashy.  Maybe gave off bad vibes. I'm wearing red cleats now, and I think that's even more flashy.

On the leather shoes:

It's more a kicker thing. You get better feel from the ball when it comes in contact with your foot and it's more a feel thing.

On if his family gets to his games:

Actually my dad has a lot of business out here, and he came out for the Stanford game but my mom has been to every home game. She stays with me and my uncle lives in Laguna so he comes with his girlfriend too. I have a good family and everyone back at home watches the games.  


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