UCLA Freshman DT Boss Tagaloa Assesses His Play

Oct. 7 -- UCLA true freshman defensive tackle Boss Tagaloa evaluated his own play through the first five games of the season and what he continues to improve on...


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On if there has been any discussion about the national anthem:

Not that I know of. I haven't talked to anyone. I respect where (Colin) Kaepernick is coming from and his perspective, but as for our team, Coach Mora would want us to give respect and to our country.  National anthem, I think we're in the locker rooms.  That's probably why we haven't talked about it.

On his first few weeks of college football:

If I can describe it in one word, it's 'learning'. I'm learning from Eli (Ankou) and Eddie (Vanderdoes) and just getting more experience on the field will help me in the future. The first game was overwhelming, especially at Texas A&M, playing in front of that crowd, I felt like it was a good experience, especially playing with the ones with Jayon, Eddie and KY, Jaleel and all them. It was a great experience and will help me in the future.


On how he's grown this season:

I feel like I've grown more and matured as a person, learning more. Last year, I had the role of being a leader and telling guys how to play my position. Now coming back, Im the youngster and have to learn from Eli and Eddie. I can pick up different things.  Seeing what I can use, what they do.  

On what he takes from the veterans:

Eli, his preparation is crazy, he's always the first guy out, 25 minutes early, and always the last to leave. It's his fifth year and he's still the first one out here. And Eddie, for a big dude, he moves and has such big size.

On coming in for Eli Ankou:

He went down the Stanford game and I was in the rest of the game. I thank Coach (Angus) McClure to put me in there and trust me for Eli, that's a big role to fill. I felt like I did ok, but from the other guys, I felt like did good.

On what he needs to improve most:

The biggest thing is pad level and getting my hands on the guy faster.  That's probably it.

On the biggest difference from high school:

In college, there aren't many weaknesses. In high school, you could overpower a guy and run around, in college, every guy on that line is good so you have to have counter moves and come to the line with more than one move.


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