UCLA Head Coach Jim Mora Talks After Arizona State Loss

Oct. 9 -- UCLA head coach Jim Mora spoke about the loss to Arizona State, the health of Josh Rosen, the inefficient running game and more...

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Opening statement: 

It was a disappointing night.  We couldn't get anything going. Our offense and defense played their hearts out that first half. You can only hold up for so long. We have been putrid on offense the past few weeks. We have been unable to run the ball and protect the passers. It is very, very disappointing. That's all I have to say. We will get back to work it.

On Josh Rosen:

Josh is beat up. He is beat up. He has taken some horrible hits because we cannot protect for him. It's way too early (prognosis). 

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On why he's beat up:

Number one, we can’t run the football. When you can’t run the football and you have to run it and you have to run it every down they can come right back after you, which they do. Unfortunately, we couldn’t protect tonight either. They didn’t do anything tonight that we haven’t seen. It really starts with us as coaches. Obviously doing a horrible job and we have to get that fixed.

On defense: 

Our defense has been stellar since BYU. It has been about as good as defense is played, really, since I have been here so it is unfortunate that our offense has been substandard. It is so unfortunate we missed opportunities tonight. Guys have to assume ownership, it is the only way that sports move forward, they have to own up. 

On the running game struggles:

It's on the quarterback making the right reads, its on the line. It's on the backs finding a whole, the receivers blocking and catching the ball so we can move the sticks. It's never one thing, its all inclusive. Everyone has to own up.

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On Bolu Olorunfunmi:

Bolu is not on the trip. He didn't come. He was in L.A.

On the defense:

Obviously we did not do well enough to win. This is a team game and you have to complement one another. We have been asking our defense since BYU to just keep going out there. Eventually in this league you are going to give up a play here, it's inevitable. We need to find a way to work even better together so we can be a better team.”

On Mike Fafaul:

Just like everyone else, we didn't do enough to win. You're asking him to make plays.  He was put in a tough spot since we couldn’t run the football. They were rushing him hard and he approached it as well as he could. We have to help him. We did not help him enough.”

On if he saw anything from Arizona State differently in the second half:


On if they game planned for Brady White:

We game plan for schemes.

On moving forward: 

“It is what you do. We don’t have an option. You get ready for Washington State. In this business, there are great wins and tough losses. You bounce back. It is what you do. That is what I expect our team and staff to do, bounce back. Right now it's terribly disappointing.

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