UCLA WR Jordan Lasley Talks About His Impact Against Arizona State

Oct. 9 -- UCLA wide receiver Jordan Lasley spoke about the loss to Arizona State, his impact on the offense and his confidence in Mike Fafaul moving forward...


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On making an impact in the game: 

It was great. Whether it’s Mike or Josh, my job is to make the quarterback look good.

On the receivers picking up the slack:

We don't feel the pressure, we just have to run the ball better, gash the defense.

On if they worry when they see Josh Rosen get hurt:

No, it's football, stuff happens. Guys get hurt, it's a physical game. It's next guy up.

On staying in rhythm with different quarterbacks:

Obviously it’s different but that doesn’t matter. Whoever’s back there our job is to make the quarterback look good.


On what he brings to the field:

Speed on the field.  My concern is to help the team win. That's our goal at the end of the day.  I think I can help the team win and everyone else feels like that.

On if they expected to be at this point in the season:

Obviously not, everyone has goals they want to reach.

On adjustments in the second half:

We just played better. That’s all we basically have to do as an offense we just have to play better. Our defense is playing very hard for us so we can’t leave them hanging like that.”

On what they say to the defense:

It's not really anything we say. As an offense, we know as a unit we have to play better. They're playing their hearts out, we have to do the same thing.

On his touchdown:

I made a play when the ball came to me.

On if Fafaul is the guy moving forward:

Well Fafaul is a very experienced guy so I have no worries if he’s the guy. I have no worries if Josh is the guy. Our job as receivers is to catch the ball when it’s thrown to us and make plays.

On moving forward:

Obviously we just have to play better. Go back to the drawing board, make corrections, make adjustments, and play better next week.


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