UCLA LB Kenny Young On Turning Things Around

Oct. 9 -- UCLA middle linebacker Kenny Young talked about the defeat to Arizona State, staying confident in the offense and what the Bruins need to do moving forward...


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On the postgame feeling:

I'm not happy at all. We have to come back and fix things for tomorrow and the next game. Everybody is upset. We have to get better from here on out.

On the defense playing well and others struggling:

We just need to pick it up on all three phases. The defense is playing well, we played better in certain aspects. But it’s a team thing. It’s a team sport and we just need to play UCLA standard of football. We’re not at that standard and we just need to find it. Consistency is the key and we just need to keep moving forward and make it better for us to meet December 2nd.


On where the defense could play better:

I need to look at the film to see specifically where we need to play better. But everyone needs to play better. We just have to play UCLA standard of football and we aren’t at that mark yet.

On the offense struggling:

Everyone has their struggles. I believe in the offense. They are going to fix things and get things rolling for next week.

On Josh Rosen’s injury:

It worried me a little bit because he’s my brother, Josh Rosen is my brother; everyone’s my brother on the football team. Anyone’s that injured and in that condition after a football game, it bothers me a little because I care about them obviously. I just talked to him and he said he’s okay so he’ll be alright. He’s a tough guy and a tough battler and we’re all behind him to get things moving for next week. It's football, you get banged up. Injuries you have to play through. We love him up and encourage him to get back to 100% Josh Rosen.


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