UCLA LB Jayon Brown Talks After Loss to ASU

Oct. 9 -- UCLA outside linebacker Kenny Young commented on the loss to Arizona State, where the team needs to improve and more...


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On the defense playing well when others aren't:

Well football is a team sport so if all three of the teams, offense, special teams and defense, aren’t playing together it’s not going to be a good outcome. We’ve got to fix that on the next week coming up.

On encouraging the offense:

I try to always keep a positive mindset on the sideline and they do too. We’ve just got to do a better job executing just all around so that we can get a win.

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On what he tells the offense:

Just we believe in them, the defense has your back. No pressure.

On the defensive performance:

It was good but not good enough. They scored more points than we did and as a defense we want them to score less points so the offense can win so we didn’t do our jobs tonight.

On ASU’s success in the second half:

They made plays when we didn’t and they executed better than we did.

On if this loss was tougher than Stanford:

Every loss is pretty hard and when we've got the goals we've got, it's rough, we just have to get back in rhythm.

On if those goals are attainable:

Yeah, we can't take losses in the Pac-12.


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