Jim Mora on Monday of Washington State Week

Oct. 10 -- UCLA coach Jim Mora talked about rebounding from ASU and preparing for going on the road to Pullman...

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Opening statement:

We watched the film this morning, watched is as coaches and made the corrections in terms of things we need to do better schematically and fundamentally. Some point you have to turn the page in athletics, there is always a game coming up. You apply it and learn from it and move on. That's what we've done and we have to refocus for a tough Washington State team, different than the other teams we've played. They're four-wide all the time. It's a challenge on the field and a challenge to get over a disappointing loss. There is a fine line between 6-0 and 3-3. It's a focus and a continual struggle, it always is, and we're up for the challenge.

On Josh Rosen:

He's roughed up a little bit. Hopefully he'll be ok to go this week. He's a tough kid and I was impressed the way he came back in and fought through some obvious pain and delivered a pretty good performance. He's like everyone else, there are somethings he'd like to have back and do over but I think he showed some grit and toughness and his teammates appreciate that. He was hurting. We gave him a couple series to work through it and he was struggling. He's one of those young men so competitive, he kind of willed himself into a situation where he tried to mentally overcome the pain he was feeling and he did. That's what great competitors do. Late in the game he took a shot and we couldn't get him back.  So he has his upper body and lower body. He's a tough kid, competitive, and a will to be back in there. He doesn't want to let anyone down and loves to compete and I'd be surprised if he didn't do everything he can to be back out there on Saturday night.

On if Mike Fafaul will get more reps this week:

It will depend on Josh's availability tomorrow and Wednesday. And how much he can do. If it looks like he'll be fine for Saturday, we'll practice like we always do. Mike does still get reps. When you're a backup, you don't get as many reps, but Mike does get reps. He's been here, he's an experienced guy, pays attention in meetings. I don't worry about the mental aspect with Mike. It's always a little different when you do get on the field.

On Fafaul's struggles:

He struggled for many reasons. We all struggled. Defensively we didn't.  We played well on defense. Special teams, you noticed we struggled fielding kicks and running the ball. Any time you can't run the ball, you make life hard for yourself offensively because you can't get yourself into situations there are easy 3rd down situations or have a chance to make easier throws. To me it all starts with running the ball and that would help any quarterback, Josh, Mike. 

On a plan to improve the running game:

There always is. We're trying to do whatever we can. Its an experienced group and we're looking at everything very critically. Are we emphasizing the right things, conceptualizing it right?  Practicing and teaching it right? It's a continual quest.  Right now, we're substandard in a lot of ways in the run game. That's not a statement that will astound people. We're committed to getting better and our players are as well. We have a good feeling of what the issues are. We have got to do it.

On what those issues are:

A lot of them. I say this a lot about pass rush, pass coverage, pass protection or run game, it's a function of all 11. It's a function of all of us. Coaches, players, making sure we're doing the right things all the time. Making sure in practice we're giving the proper looks in practice.  That they're getting the reps to react quickly in games. Extra study, a will to do it. Being on the same page on every play. Not having a one-person breakdown here or there. When you're struggling in one area, you're having that continual one person here, one person there breakdown. When I think through struggles in a part of a game, it's because of that.  It's finding consistency and it's hard to find that and when you ride that wave, you feel good about it. And right now, we don't feel good about it.

On if they'll be at full strength at running back this weekend:

I think so. It's too early to tell but hopefully we will be.

On if the one person-breakdowns come from the same unit:

They jump around. That's the thing with 11 guys, they have to do it right every play, and it's hard to ever find a play in football everyone does it right. It's hard. Those guys across are trying to beat you and scheming too. And when it's not done right, someone has to make a play. We've had trouble doing that. Greater attention to detail, focus, being accountable, all of us, those are things that should happen.

On Takk McKinley and Jaleel Wadood:

I believe they're both going to be fine. They were both out there this morning.

On WSU's offense running more:

The guy is smart and has had some success, and I'm talking about Mike Leach. You have to be able to run the ball a little bit. You have to make people respect the run to open things up in the pass game. It doesn't surprise us. It's not like it's a run and shoot guy. They have a few runs. If the run is there, the quarterback is smart and he executes the run. They like to throw it. They do like to throw it.

On what WSU has done differently in winning streak:

Executed. Just comes down to executing what the expectations of the players are. Doing it right more often than doing it wrong and having consistency. They haven't changed schematically. He's challenged his players really hard and they've responded.

On if they change up their routine going to Pullman:

No, we played there a few years ago. You really can't. You can't change it up every week. Kickoff is at 7:36 like it was last week, the same time zone, the weather will be fine. It won't be hot like it was in Arizona, but it won't be rainy or snowy. You just continue to emphasize the things that will help you win and the things that have helped you over the years.

On Kolton Miller:

You'll see him again this season. It's a matter of when. It's a pain thing. He's a tough kid and wants to be out there.  If it was season ending, I'd tell you.

On giving up more sacks through six games than they did all last season:

You're right. Last year, we only gave up 10. And we've given up 15 this year. But I don't want to pin it all on the offensive line. It's not fair. Sometimes its the back not picking up the right guy or the receiver running the wrong route and the quarterback holds it.  Sometimes its the quarterback not making the right read or not delivering the ball on time and holding it too long. It's all of those things.  We have to get better and regain our mojo and confidence. Its hard to do. We came out of camp and spring, I felt great about the run game. And the first couple games, I thought we could run the ball. And then BYU got after us a bit. Our confidence is a little bit shaky. We have to find a way. It's hard, but you have to find a way to be critical and self-critique and at the same time, build confidence back. That's tricky so you have to have success and create some success.

On Andre James:

I thought he did a nice job. He brings a level of physicality we like. For his first start, we did a nice job. Not perfect, but no one on either side was perfect. I love his effort and attitude and he'll keep getting better. Whether Kolton is playing or not, we'll give him reps in our bigger package.

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