Center Scott Quessenberry on OL Playing Well

Oct. 10 -- UCLA center Scott Quessenberry said Monday that the offensive line performance against ASU was one of its best...

Scott Quessenberry answered questions from the media Monday.

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On Josh Rosen gutting it out:

I texted him after the game, I told him, 'you're a warrior.' Like I've said in many of these, he's the ultimate competitor.  Anyone who doesn't believe that, I feel like he proved them wrong on Saturday and had a gutsy effort and put us on track to win, but we couldn't seal the deal.

On if he feels Rosen will play:

Yeah, I'm optimistic he'll play this weekend. I'm not 100% sure. We broke down the film this morning and I didn't get a chance to talk to him in depth, but we'll see moving forward. 

On what he saw on film:

We did some good things in the pass game. We threw the ball 54 times which is a lot. There would be some hits here and there. In my eyes, it was one of our better games in terms of pass protection, but obviously there are some things we need to clean up in the run game.

On Mora saying the sacks aren't all on the offensive line:

Definitely. If coach sees it that way, that's the way we see it as well.

On difficulties in pass pro when offense becomes one-dimensional:

It's difficult. Pass protection is hard as it is and when they can pin their ears back, it's that much harder. But there are no excuses, we have to block our guys and do our job.

On if there will be more competition on the offensive line:

Yeah, we're always open to competition. And what will give us the best opportunities to win games.

On seeing Rosen sidelined:

Not a lot goes through your heads, in that moment, its all about winning the football game. Whoever is in, we have to do our part to win.

On the season being at a crossroads:

This is a big, two way, fork in a road. We can turn on each other as a team, or come together and run off wins and I feel like we've done a good job of sticking together and not becoming individuals but staying together as a team.

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