UCLA RB Soso Jamabo Outlines Running Game Woes

Oct. 11 -- UCLA sophomore running back Soso Jamabo talked about what has plagued the team's rushing attack this season and what needs to happen to turn things around...


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On the mindset of the team:

You have to stay patient and stay with the grind. You have to keep a level head. We're not where we want to be but it's all about keeping the mentality as positive as possible. Our goal is still attainable, so we're not going to take a step back, we'll keep pushing.

On keeping that mentality going:

It's an emotional letdown, but when it comes to disappointment, you have to have brothers around you who pick you up. We can't blink. Our goals are still intact, it's within our hands and we understand that and that's why we keep working.

On optimism in the offseason to the struggles of the season:

It's definitely disappointing so far.  You have to keep pushing. We're talented, we just haven't tapped into our talent. That's something we have to keep working on. Obviously it's disappointing, but we have another game to get the running game going.

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On if there is a particular thing to work on:

There is not one single thing, but as a collective unit, we have to keep working together. Backs helping their lineman out, linemen helping their backs out. There are 11 guys on the field and they have to work together and as a whole to get it going.

On the running game slowing the offense:

Once you keep sawing, you keep sawing, but we haven't gotten it going yet. We have to get closer as a unit. A lot of little things we could be doing to get it going. We're close, it may not be to the naked eye, but we're close. We want it done before the season is possible.

On communication with Kennedy Polamalu:

He's always keeping the pressure up and pushing us as much as he ever has. It's up to us to accept the challenge and getting it going. We're too good of backs and an o-line to be playing like we're playing right now.


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