UCLA Defensive Coordinator Tom Bradley Previews Wazzu Matchup

Oct. 12 -- UCLA defensive coordinator Tom Bradley spoke about making the move up to the booth to call plays and looked ahead to the matchup against Washington State...

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On WSU diversifying their attack with an improved running game:

It's really hard, when they get that running game going. Everyone tries to stop the pass, but there are a lot of holes for the running game and it creates a whole other animal to handle. It's something we're very well aware of.

On the defense spending less time on the field this year:

It helps greatly, we're not playing as many plays as last year. It's one of those things when the offense puts a drive together, it's a huge help for us.


On calling the defense from the press box lately:

I've never done that before, it's different up there. We have enough guys on the sideline, I could do it. I get a different look up there.

On which game he started doing that:


On if there is a correlation with the defense improving since then:

If it helps, I'll go even higher up. I'm ok with that, I just want to win. I think the way we communicate works better.

On Gabe Marks:

He's a heckuva player, we know that about him. They have a whole bunch of good receivers. He's a very exciting receiver and Luke (Falk) gets the whole thing started. He amazes me how he takes shots and gets back up. I don't think their line gets as much credit as it deserves.  They do the little things work.

On how the communication works:

I have contact with everybody.

On being banged up:

It's hard to say where we are, guys are banged up a bit.  It's up to the trainers, but we'll be cautious with some of them. We're on this new schedule, so they get another day. I always say players play, coaches coach, medical people do medical stuff.

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