UCLA DT Eddie Vanderdoes Talks Defense Heading Into Wazzu Game

Oct. 14 -- UCLA defensive tackle Eddie Vanderdoes spoke about the unit's momentum heading into the Washington State game and what has changed since early in the season...


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On what stands out about Washington State:

They're the number one passing offense in the country. Overall, they score 45 points a game. Those statistics alone are impressive. Sometimes you can't get caught in throwing the football because they have running backs who can take it for some yards, so overall, it will be a challenge for us this week.

On what's changed in the defense since BYU:

Confidence, veteran defense and knowing what we need to get done. Going out there four quarters and doing what we need to and controlling what we can control. 


On how much WSU's running game makes them more dangerous:

It's dangerous, definitely dangerous. They'd throw 67 times a game, now they run the ball a little bit so they keep you on your toes with the run game. You can't assume everything is a pass.

On losing a close one to WSU last year:

Anytime you lose a game like that, Josh scores a touchdown for us to go ahead and then they drive the ball down the field and win, it's a heartbreaker, its never fun. The work you put in, and then it comes down to that, its a heartbreaker.

On his play through the first half:

I thought I've executed well this first half. I've played well, in my opinion and Coach Angus said I'm doing well. I'm going to get better every week and my goal is to take the next step to get better each week.

On if the weather could be a factor on Saturday:

I don't think so. Up front, we'll keep doing what we're doing.  

On how they salvage the season:

Keep pushing, that's the whole thing. Our three losses have been nail-biters, it's not like we're getting blown up. We know everyone in the Pac-12 keeps losing. Everything is up for grabs, we're not out of the race. We'll keep pushing and getting better every day.

On how much he follows the rest of the Pac-12:

Honestly, not that much. Every now and then I'll watch.  Ill scroll on Twitter and you see the Pac-12 standings. Outside of Washington, there is no team dominating everyone.


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