UCLA TE Nate Iese Talks Offensive Keys Heading Into Wazzu

Oct. 13 -- UCLA tight end Nate Iese spoke to reporters about the offense heading into a crucial matchup against Washington State and the team's belief in backup QB Mike Fafaul...


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On Mike Fafaul:

With a new quarterback, you always want to make him as comfortable as possible. I have total confidence in Mike, he takes a lot of reps in practice. Everyone likes him on and off the field. I have a lot of confidence in him.

On how they make it easier for him:

A lot of communication things. He's very prepared though, he's talked us through a lot of things we'll see.

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On if the offense will change with Fafaul running it:

It doesn't, it won't change at all. We'll still run it the same way, attack it the same way. It's just a new face.

On how important Fafaul getting reps this week is:

Very important. It's always important to take more reps. The more comfortable he'll feel. 

On his one throw from Fafaul:

I felt like it was a pretty good throw, he put it in a good spot. He feels we're athletic enough to make plays for him. They'll put the ball anywhere.

On if they need to go more in the short passing game:

Not necessarily, if anything, we need to give him more protection and help him feel more comfortable in the pocket.

On where he's improved this season:

Definitely route-running. I feel more comfortable. Also the tight end spot, I feel more comfortable blocking. That's become a big thing in our offense. It's coming along nice.

On being added to the Mackey Award watch list:

It means I'm being watched more, on the watch list now, and every week I have to keep improving and show I'm deserving to be on that list.

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