UCLA OL Conor McDermott Confident In Roommate Mike Fafaul

Oct. 13 -- UCLA starting left tackle Conor McDermott outlined the team's struggles, offered his own assessment of passing blocking and spoke about his roommate Mike Fafaul...


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On bouncing back from 1-2 in Pac-12 play historically:

We're a very resilient team, we work hard and don't let a loss get to us.  We work hard in practice and do what we need to do.

On correcting mistakes:

We always emphasize technique and getting better each day and being more physical each day, coming together as a whole offense.


On the OL play:

We love to protect Josh more. I'm pleased with where we're at, we have to keep working hard. Whoever is at quarterback this week, we have to work our tails off.

On his confidence level in Mike Fafaul:

I'm very confident in him. He's my best friend and roommate the last five years. I hope Josh gets back healthy and fast, but if Mike's back there, I'm very confident he'll get the job done.

On Fafaul potentially starting in a Pac-12 game:

It's exciting because I know how hard it is to be a walk-on because my brother was a walk-on here at UCLA. I know how hard he's worked and how long he's had to wait. I was excited in the huddle when he came in against Arizona State and I'll be excited this week if he has a chance to start.

On if Fafaul is more nervous or excited:

I haven't seen an ounce of nervousness, he's been excited. He said 'I not used to being this tired' taking every rep. It's been fun, he's been non-stop confidence and I haven't seen much nervousness. I'm excited for him.

On how he'd describe Fafaul as a quarterback:

He's very technical and wants to be perfect in everything and he works so hard. He's had a poster of Tom Brady since his freshman year and I think of Tom Brady when I think of him, style of play, a true pocket quarterback. That's his style of play.


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