Jim Mora after WSU Game

Oct. 15 -- UCLA head coach Jim Mora talked after UCLA's road to Washington State...

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Opening statement:

It was a frustrating loss.  Kind of the same old story, we couldn't run the ball, we couldn't protect the passer, we couldn't get the ball in the end zone, we couldn't execute a simple play we work on every week at the end there, on that fumble. We had a chance to get a play off and we didn't get it done. Very disappointing to be 3-4, the first time in five years we've had a losing record at some point in the season. There is not much more I can say to that, we resolve to get it fixed, we'll get back to the drawing board and try to find answers. They're not easy answers to come by. I'm extremely disappointed. I've never in my career been around a run game as awful as this. That has to be the first thing we address and it's staggeringly poor. Unfortunately, I can't give you an answer right now.

On Mike Fafaul:

He fought. 24-of-40 for 258 yards, unfortunately the two interceptions but the three touchdown passes. He fought his tail off like I knew he would. Unfortunately, we didn't help him in the running game. When you have your backup quarterback in, you have to be able to run the football. Any coach in football will tell you that. We ran the ball for 42 yards.  43 this week, -1 last week. In the last two games, we've rushed the ball 48 times for 42 yards. That's not very good. 

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On rolling Fafaul out:

We put him on the move a little. It's part of our offense but something to take the pressure off the offensive line, we've been struggling mightily lately. You get your quarterback on the move a little and it helps. 

On Jordan Lasley's fumble after big plays earlier:

You have to be consistent at any position, any player, and that's what we're looking for. He's capable of making big plays, he's shown that.  I'm sure he's terribly disappointed in the fumble. But even with the fumble, we had a chance to get a snap off to negate the fumble if we'd execute what we work on every week multiple times but we did not get it done and it's so distressing to me. The fumble is distressing, but not being able to execute a simple play that we run every week is even more distressing. I'm obviously not doing a good job of getting the message through The buck stops with me. It should, as the head coach. All blame initially should come on the head coach and it's my job to make sure we get it right with everyone else. I'm accepting of that. I've been in this situation a lot of times, and coaching for a long time, you've been in these situations and you have to fight your way out of it, so we'll fight our way out of it. Thank god we have a defense that is fricking, boy they play with some grit. If you can play defense like that, you've always got a shot.

On confusing Luke Falk a bit:

I don't know about confusing Luke Falk, he's a good player. But that was the No. 2 pass offense in the country and he threw for 261 and he was averaging 380, so I guess we did ok. We got to him three times, he didn't have a touchdown, his long was 24.  But we didn't do enough to win. I tell you what, I'm proud of those guys, they fought. We had a lot of injuries to our defense. A starter was out, another couple guys during the game. I'll tell you this, I'll take this defense that I've got on this team right now and I'll play anyone. We just have to help them by running the football.

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