Mike Fafaul Talks First Start

Oct. 15 -- UCLA quarterback Mike Fafaul talked about his first start after UCLA's road loss to Washington State...

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On how close to game time he knew he'd be starting:

They told me in pregame warmups. Right when we started throwing pat-and-go, Josh tried to throw and he couldn't keep going, so they said I was starting.

On getting into a rhythm late:

Absolutely. The first half we didn't throw it as much, but once we started throwing it more and more, the passing game came together.


On if they could have gotten a snap off quicker after the Lasley fumble:

We were trying to get a play off and to snap the ball, but we couldn't get set quick enough. That's on me as a quarterback. I take full responsibility for that.

On the locker room atmosphere:

We come out and we expect to win every game. And when we don't win, it's disheartening. We're pretty down right now.

On what Josh Rosen did during the game:

He was talking to me throughout the whole game. He was helping me with the coverages and looks. I couldn't have done it without him. He's a great teammate and I appreciate him.

On if he felt they'd score on the drive before the fumble:

Absolutely. I felt every time we went out there, we had a good chance. Towards the end we started clicking, it's just unfortunate we couldn't get the last one in the end zone. It happens.

On if he can build on this game:

I think it is.  I'm not really thinking about that right now. I'm still thinking about the game and the loss. It doesn't matter to me how I play, I just want to win the game. I'd rather throw three interceptions and win the game than throw three touchdowns and lose. I just want to win. That's all.

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