Tom Bradley Talks Defense after WSU Game

Oct. 15 -- UCLA defensive coordinator Tom Bradley talked after UCLA's road loss to Washington State...

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On the defense doing their part:

We've got to hold them to one less than you score.  We didn't do it. I'd like to have a couple plays back. In those kinds of games, you can't make those kinds of mistakes, can't have penalties.  Our kicking game too has to help us, a lot of short fields.  We have to get them in a position to give us more field. Certainly it was a good effort, but we just didn't get it done. 

On if they were on the field too long:

I don't think so. I think we did a good job. The depth up front was good, a lot of substitutions. Coach McClure does a good job with the count, always making sure the playing numbers are what they should be.  So guys are fresh in the fourth quarter.  You have to give a lot of credit to Randall Goforth. He had to go play another position that he hasn't practiced. Last week before the game, Meadors gets hurt and he has to play corner. Today we had to flip him to play nickel. There were a couple stunts he hadn't even played in.

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On the mentality of the team:

A lot of people go through disappointment.  Get back at it and get going. You can't feel sorry for yourself. There is a saying, you have to hang together or you'll hang separately. We have to fight through this. We've been there before.

On WSU converting on 4 of 5 fourth downs:

Some of those were very short.  You're rolling the dice.  Nothing else you can do. All were less than three yards, a bunch of fourth and ones. Down on the goal line. If you try to play everything, you won't play nothing, so you're taking a chance.

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