Kennedy Polamalu on Fafaul, Running Game

Oct. 16 -- UCLA offensive coordinator Kennedy Polamalu talks about Mike Fafaul, running game struggles against Washington State...

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On how he felt Mike Fafaul did:

We moved him around, gave him some plays, we had an early turnover that set us back, but he came along and started throwing that ball really nice. I just wish we could have helped him more. 


It's not even close. It's frustrating because I know they're working on it. We're going good against good. It's a combination.  It's all on me and I have to get these guys to understand that it is frustrating, but keep pumping, keep going, so we can turn around and help the team and not just ourselves.  You keep grinding. I sat with the guys, talked to them one on one and said, 'how can I help? Is it the scheme, what is it?' They're frustrated, from the tight ends to the o-line, when you're not moving the chains, it's frustrating. All you can do is keep working, keep the enthusiasm and keep teaching. It's going to come.

On being seven games in and no fix:

We simplified some of the schemes, went to what we did in the past, on the zone schemes. We have to keep getting better.

On keeping the offense together:

It always starts, I tell the guys, this is me. I have to do a better job of the details, keeping us playing with passion and intensity. The kids aren't intimidated by anyone. You watch the effort they give, but it's not clicking. They're doing their best but it's not good enough. That starts with me as the offensive coordinator.

On Josh Rosen from the sidelines:

He was very active, very good on the sidelines with Mike.  He'd talk about 'these are the situations, these are the good plays, these are the best concepts, and I always ask the staff and we go through it, throwing wise, the protection, those are things we make sure. I thought he did a nice job helping on the sidelines.

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