Bolu Olurunfunmi on Running Game Issues

Oct. 16 -- UCLA running back Bolu Olorunfunmi talked about the continued struggles in the running game...

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On if there were any positives in the run game:

This week we simplified things. We focused on ourselves with the plays. We tried to give ourselves the juice, no matter what play Coach P calls, its up to us to execute.

On keeping the locker room from fracturing:

From day one, we've always been a team. We've instilled that family mentality within ourselves, even though the offense wasn't picking it up, the defense came to us and said they have our backs and always have our backs. I appreciate them for giving us that kind of attitude.

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On if the running back rotation is hurting more than helping:

I think the rotation is good as it is, at the end of the day, it's up to the backs to execute whatever the play is.

On if they can still fix the running game:

I believe we can always fix anything if we work on it. We have to believe in ourselves and trust the guys next to us.

On the disappointment without Rosen:

First off, I think Mike did a great job for us, I don't think we missed a heartbeat. For the running game, we still have to work on as backs, doing our job. I don't put it on anyone but myself. There were things I could have done to make this more better. There are things we could have all done as a running back unit.

On if they have hit the point that they're no longer close to fixing it:

It's frustrating. As a running back, we look at the film and critique ourselves more. At the end of the day, we have the ball in our hands, we make the blocks good and the holes.

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