UCLA LB Jayon Brown Wants Defensive Improvement

Oct. 18 -- UCLA outside linebacker Jayon Brown told reporters the defense needs to allow fewer points so the offense doesn't feel as much pressure and talked about the team's run game...


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On how frustrating things are:

It's very frustrating. But we have to get it on track and not fall into a trap.  We have to see what we're made of.

On how they can right things:

We have to emphasize everyone doing their job, on defense, offense and special teams. We have to play good team football right now.


On if he's surprised with the running game:

I am but at they have to get their stuff right. As a defense, we have to do better and allow less points then we score so our offense doesn't have to work as hard.

On if its tough to expect more out of the defense:

We want to be more than just a good defense.  We have a good team up in Utah and we're capable of it so it's a challenge.

On keeping the mentality together with the heartbreaking losses:

With our struggles on offense, we're still coming close. We've lost by one possession (each game) and when they get it right, we'll blow teams out. We're still coming close and having a fighting chance. Once they get clicking and we're clicking, it should be easy wins for us.


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