Randall Goforth on DB Versatility, Utah

Oct. 19 -- UCLA safety Randall Goforth talks about playing multiple positions this season and going up against Utah's offense...

Randall Goforth talked to us during Utah week.

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On bouncing around each week:

I take it as a challenge and another opportunity to go out there and play for my teammates and show them what I can do. Wherever I’m needed, I go out with the task in hand.  Coach asks for the task to be done and I go out and try to execute. If you can play football, you can play football. By me knowing the defense and know where everyone is, it’s an easier transition. 

On approaching practice when he moves around so much:

It’s definitely a similar mindset, but a slight different mindset. The way you view the offense, it’s a different angle or route concepts. As a corner, you train your eyes differently. At corner, you play more man, where at safety, it’s more zone.  And then secure tackles coming my way.


On how Demetrice Martin has trained for positional versatility:

Ever since our recruitment, he’s said, ‘I don’t recruit corners, safeties or nickels, I recruit DB’s.’  He wants to make sure everyone is ready for everything and can play everything in the secondary. He coaches the corners to know safety and the safeties to know corner and I think that’s good for guys to know both.

On playing all over the secondary and moving back to corner in the spring:

It was definitely preparation. We were waiting for Fabian to come back so spring, Coach felt it was a good time for me to get reps at corner to be ready for anything to happen. We mixed and matched so we were ready when called.

On the comments from Gabe Marks:

I guess we were on their side of the field. We were just warming up. We were just out there warming up and getting ready for the game. We practice on the same side of the field every game. I know of him, we played against each other a little in 7v7 in high school on our all-star teams. He’s a really great receiver and a big time player for Washington State.

On people saying they’re trying to be tough with warming up on their side of the field:

We have no reaction at all. Everyone goes and warms up. We worry about ourselves.

On shifting to Utah’s offense:

Utah is a great offense and great team. We’ve always had great battles with them. This week shifting from heavy pass to mixing it up with a little run/pass. They have a good quarterback iun Troy Williams, I know him from high school. Good player.  I haven’t talked to him in a long time, but he’s over there doing his thing.

On what makes Troy Williams tough:

His versatility. He’s a tough player. He can throw, he can run, the zone read is tough. It’s his versatility.

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