DC Tom Bradley on Facing Utah's Offense

Oct. 20 -- UCLA defensive coordinator Tom Bradley talked about now matching up with another type of offense -- Utah's -- and the versatility of defensive back Randall Goforth...

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On the physicality of Utah:

I think it’s a big challenge because of the way they run the football. They have a great offensive line and Troy Williams does an outstanding job. He’s another guy we have to worry about.

On if the defensive play is giving them confidence moving forward:

As long as you carry through the little things, that’s what we worry about. Once again, on Saturday, we missed a lot of tackles early and that’s what we have to do to be a good defense.

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On Randall Goforth’s position versatility:

That’s what really impresses me. Two weeks ago, when it happened, it was right before the game. It’s not like he gets a chance to practice it. He’s thrown into the fire and then he’s able to handle it. And then Saturday, he moves to another position. He never gets to practice it but he knows all the positions.  He does a great job though. It’s a tough spot to put him in but he handles it really well.  I think Coach Martin always cross trains them and Randall seems to know them all and we’re able to move him around.  He has a real knack and it’s a real credit to him.

On if Goforth being a fifth-year senior is why he’s so adept:

I think it’s that, I think he knows what we’re trying to get done, Coach Martin keeps him up to date.  We talk about it all the time, having the versatility. His versatility has gone even more.

On Nate Meadors returning:

I’m not sure how that’s going to work out. We’ll wait to get the report back.

On designating a spy:

That’s one of the things we worry about, containing the quarterback. It’s an emphasis point, not only with those guys, but with the front four. It’s one of the things we have to be able to do. Troy is very good at doing that.

On if he’s seen changes in Jim Mora in practice:

Jim is pretty consistent in how he coaches. Today he was a little more back and forth. He understands what we’re trying to do, coaches up each position and he’s interested in getting everyone better.

On if Mora focuses on one side of the ball:

He goes from side to side. He’s the head coach, he sticks his head in both meetings, and then special teams. He bounces around.

On if he spends more time in certain meetings:

I couldn’t tell you that for sure. We’re meeting, he’s meeting, he has his own things too he’s getting ready for.

On guys taking on more urgency:

Eddie Vanderdoes has stepped up, behind the scenes, talking to guys one on one. Fabian has always been that way, a locker room presence.  To be a great leader, a lot of times, you do go unnoticed. 

On where he is on game days:

I’m up in the booth.  We did that right before the BYU game. I had mentioned to Jim I wanted to do that before the season. It’s a better environment the way we have people on the field, and better communication for all of us.

On if he’d been in the booth previous:

I’ve been there before, it doesn’t matter to me. At Penn State I was always on the field, Coach Joe (Paterno) wanted me there.

On if he likes being up there:

If it does help, I’ll go up higher.  I just want to get us playing as well as we can play.

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