UCLA LB Coach Scott White Expects Low Scoring Game

Oct. 20 -- UCLA linebackers coach Scott White spoke about the upcoming game against Utah and the challenges the Utes present on offense...

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On the success of the linebackers spying:

I think the biggest thing this week is going to be the physicality up front. That's what we've focused on. They're a physical offensive line, that's their MO and we have to control the line of scrimmage, third down and attacking. Our third down defense wasn't what we'd like it so that's our emphasis this week.

On one's vs. one's this week:

It's always good to have good on good. Iron always sharpens iron. Anytime we can get ones vs. ones, it helps everyone.

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On if they often go starters vs. starters:

We always go and get ones against ones, we have designated periods, but then we have service periods, where offense goes to their side and defense stays there so we can simulate what we'll look at. But we want to get guys after each other in practice so that gives us an edge on Saturday.

On Utah's progression as a program:

Utah is a fantastic program and they do a great job ever since they came to the Pac-12. Very blue collard. Coach Whittingham does a tremendous job with that outfit. It will be a great game on Saturday.

On how they can attack Utah's fourth string center who's now starting:

Number 47, Eddie Vanderdoes. At the end of the day, we do't worry about the other side, it's about us. If we take care of what we're supposed to do, we'll be just fine.

On special teams issues:

The big emphasis for us is those guys over there on the Juggs, we have to get the ball secured. Ball security. And our punter, he's a young kid, there will be some growing pains. As a coach, an underrated attribute is patience. Hopefully he's better coming through the other side and going through that.

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