UCLA DB Coach Demetrice Martin On Recruiting Versatile Players

Oct. 20 -- UCLA assistant coach Demetrice Martin spoke about the versatility of his defensive backs, his recruiting philosophy and provided an update on Nate Meadors...

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On the success in the secondary this fall:

We always build ourselves on being underrated and under-appreciated. We feed on that type of thing. That's ok with us, as long as we keep playing well and trying to put our team in a position to win. When that turns into wins, we'll ask for the love.

On Randall Goforth:

I think the recruiting philosophy when we first came in is showing now. We wanted guys who were true defensive backs. That's how we evaluate different guys, do you play different positions, do you play basketball, do you play corner, can you return kicks. If you look in our secondary, most of guys fit those traits.  His smarts, though, he's super smart. High football intelligence guy, he understands film. You can tell him to make an adjustment and he'll go make it. That comes from years of experience and building that trust with me.


On cross-training the DBs:

I try to teach them as all is one.  I teach them, you have to know nickel, dime, strong safety, free safety, corner, because if I know those positions, when I play my position, I'll be able to play faster.

On Nate Meadors:

He ran around and looked good today. Hopefully we'll get the green light. That's up to the training staff to give me the full green light but we'll play it by ear.

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