UCLA OL Coach Adrian Klemm Talks Running Game

Oct. 19 -- UCLA offensive line coach Adrian Klemm spoke about the issues with the run game, the logistics between he and offensive coordinator Adrian Klemm and more...

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On the emphasis with the OL on the running game:

Stay the course. We wanted to get some continuity before the season. One of my main objectives was finding five we could have for the whole season. Obviously, we had some issues in terms of injuries and guys being out, but we had hoped someone would step in and that's my job to get them ready. Trying to find continuity and being consistent and doing things well. We need guys to play to the level we want them to.

On if they're still searching for that core:

It's not so much searching, but finding one to step up. Four of those guys weren't playing last year, one was out for a year and the other guys were young guys. We've had guys in the past take advantage of the situation and we know what we need to build on and we haven't been able to do that.

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On Andre James:

The first couple games he did pretty well. In the final drive, the 2-minute, it was his first situation and he was a little rattled, but I thought he came back and performed admirably. Obviously Kolton is one of our primary guys but Andre has stepped in and done an admirable job in his development. Last week was a step back but I expect him to fully recover from that and build on what he was doing. I'm encouraged. He was taking some reps at guard but he's focusing on tackle. He'll keep getting better and learning. 

On if they'll pursue linemen built more for the new style of offense:

Yeah, for sure. We knew what we had going into it. You build the guys up and when you switch to a system, you bulk them up differently. We can go out and recruit guys but we have to worry about now, the season, a bowl game. Recruiting will take care of itself but it's a different emphasis. But we have what we have now. Now it's about physicality, technique, executing the scheme. It's about executing. Early on, you should say 'we're tired of what it can be'.  

On the size of the linemen:

When we were tempo before, we had to have guys light, not it's a power, downhill run game. You want to be more physical, that's obvious. We need to be more physical at the point. Guys have to grasp that and it's my job to emphasize that.

On what they did in the offseason to make adjustment:

Scotty was out with the surgery, and he was 260 when he last played, now he's 312. Sal (Alosi) does a great job with them with the nutrition. Those guys are embracing that and are developing and getting bigger. In spring, I was encouraged by that. What it comes down to, its technique, physicality and executing every play.

On working in sync with Kennedy Polamalu:

We take all things in consideration. I'm not calling the plays but we all have a say in it. We have to execute. If you don't execute it on the field, it doesn't matter. We have to get better, keep their morale up and put them in the best positions they can to have success.

On the morale:

It's ok. They're young. Sometimes they get down. They know when they play well and when they don't. It's my job to get them up. It's not my first time going through this. We've had 8-9 freshman start since I've been here. It's developing mental toughness. That doesn't mean yelling at them, but encouraging them.

On Utah's defensive line:

Physical. Year after year. They do things well schematically but they hang their hat on being a physical team. Big guys, an attacking defense. I have a tremendous amount of respect for how they play. That's something you don't want to see on the West Coast that often. But you have to seize the physicality when you go up against them.

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