UCLA WR Kenny Walker Talks Offensive Tweaks

Oct. 21 -- UCLA wide receiver Kenny Walker spoke about the state of the offense heading into the Utah game...


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On finishing in practice:

Its hard coming from the offense from what we've been doing. It's a little different now so it's about finishing.

On fourth quarter teams:

I think it's mainly just will, a want-to type thing.


On if they feel they're turning the corner:

For me its whatever quarterback is in, everyone has to do their job.

On how the receiving corps benefits from an improved running game:

The way you say it, it puts it on the running backs, but it's everyone playing as one. If they put the ball in whoever hands, they have to do their job. If its the receivers, we have to do our jobs. It's not just one person doing good.

On their mindset:

I think it's just will and not giving up every day, saying 'I'm not going to quit.'  Taking it day by day.

On a defensive-oriented game expected against Utah:

I don't think it will be low-scoring. If that's what they're predicting, so be it, but we have to go and score every down. I don't think it will be a low-scoring game.

On the drops at receiver:

We try to change it up. With me, I try to catch the Juggs more. With me, it's been more a mindset of staying focused throughout the game. Everyone has to stay focused, if you drop one, try not to drop it next time. Keep your head in the game. 

On if drops early stay in their head:

Sometimes it does, but not all the time. I try to get it out of my head as fast as possible. Coach preaches get rid of the negatives as fast as possible.

On Josh Rosen's animated conversation with him against Arizona State:

I don't want to speak on that one.

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