Football Recruiting: Offensive Linemen

UCLA is looking good with some of the elite OLs in the west, including Winston Justice and Nathan Rhodes, and is on some sleepers...

UCLA has done well in recruiting offensive linemen the last several years. But many OLs have left the program for various reasons and UCLA never seems to be able to build quality depth. This year, they're looking to bring in three OLs, and possibly four, depending on the prospects.

Winston Justice, 6-6, 290, Long Beach (Calif.) Poly. Justice has emerged as probably the #1 OL prospect in the west. Not only does he have great size, but great quickness, coordination and strength. He looked like he was toying with most of the guys he went up against this summer at various camps. He's getting recruited prety heavily by USC, and goes back and forth between UCLA and USC quite often.

Nathan Rhodes, 6-7, 302, East Bakersfield (Calif.) High. Mentioned with Justice as the two best in the west, Rhodes is big, and quick for his size, and proved at the San Diego Nike Camp that he's one of the best. UCLA was his clear leader, but he's opened it up and bit. He's also considering Tennessee, Michigan and others.

Robert Chai, 6-4, 275, Newport Beach (Calif.) Newport Harbor. Under-rated and under-recruited, Chai is one of the quickest and meanest OL prospects on the west coast, and easily one of the best. He's high on UCLA's list and probably moving up. Chai favors Cal right now, but the word is that as soon as UCLA starts hitting him hard, they'll have a very good chance.

Justin Blaylock, 6-4, 340, Plano (Tex.) East. Listed among the best in the nation, Blaylock was considered the best OL prospect at the Texas A&M Nike Camp. He's getting blitzed by all of the big names and UCLA is trying.

David Beall, 6-5 295, Vancouver (Wash.) Mountain View. Probably the best OL prospect from the northwest, Beall is a great all-around prospect and a great student, carrying a 3.9 GPA. Stanford and Washington are leading, but UCLA is moving up. A recruiting update is on its way.

Mark Farris, 6-6, 285, Pittsburg (Penn.) North Hills. Farris has really caught fire on many national recruiting services. He's big and tough. UCLA is trying hard and believe they have a shot with him, while other sources say he'll stay in the east. Pittsburg and Penn State have the advantage.

Tony Ugoh, 6-5, 285, Spring (Tex.) Westfield. One of the best in the state of Texas, UCLA is trying against the likes of Florida, Oklahoma, Texas and Notre Dame. He visited UCLA unofficially this summer.

Albert Toeaina, 6-5, 330, Pittsburg (Calif.) High. A sleeper, until Toeiana showed up and looked great at the Nike Camp at Stanford, huge and agile for his size. USC, UNLV, Washington, Oregon, Oregon State and UCLA are his top six.

Stephen Berg, 6-6, 305, Tucson (Ariz.) Canyon Del Oro. Somewhat unknown outside of Arizona, Berg is generally considered the best OL prospect in the state. Some who have seen him quite a bit think he should be ranked among the best in the west and possibly the country, and he's been moving up the charts lately. He could be a guy UCLA offers soon. He said he likes UCLA, Washington, Oregon and Cal and is leaning toward leaving the state.

Robin Kezirian, 6-4, 270, Fresno (Calif.) Central. Kezirian is the nephew of Ed Kezirian, the UCLA football Director of Academic Services and the cousin of current UCLA tight end Blaine Kezirian. Robin had just an okay spring and summer. He now favors Oregon, and only Fresno State has offered.

Marco Guerra, 6-3, 330, Los Angeles (Calif.) Fremont. A very wide kid who has some good dexterity for his size, Guerra is on the to-watch list of just about every Pac-10 school, including UCLA.

Nate Vander Pol, 6-5, 280, Federal Way (Wash.) High. A prospect with good size, Vander Pol came all the way from Washington to watch UCLA's final spring scrimmage. UCLA is watching him, and he's looking at other Pac-10ers.

J.C. Ronnfelt, 6-3, 300, Federal Way (Wash.) Decatur. Another good prospect form Washington, Ronnfelt is being recruited by the Pac-10. Considered one of the best pure inside OL guys in the class, he likes Washington and Oregon State. UCLA is in to-watch mode.

Ernest Guerrero, 6-4, 280, Pico Rivera (Calif.) El Rancho. A solid offensive line prospect, Guerrero was among the best at the San Diego Nike camp. Good-sized and with fairly quick feet, Guerrero has said that UCLA would be his favorite if offered. UCLA is watching him his senior season.

Elliot Vallejo, 6-6, 290, Salinas (Calif.) Palma. Somewhat of a sleeper, Vallejo is now getting attention from some solid west coast schools because of his size and fairly decent athleticism.

***There are also some sleeper OL prospects UCLA is recruiting, according to sources, but to protect UCLA's recruiting efforts, they are not included on this list at this time.

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