UCLA OC Kennedy Polamalu On Offensive Game Plan Versus Utah

Oct. 22 -- UCLA offensive coordinator Kennedy Polamalu spoke about the team's game plan against Utah, the performance of Mike Fafaul, his play calling and more...

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Opening statement:

A gut-wrenching defeat. I felt that the young men offensively had some gains. We turned the ball over, which is not good and then the 4th and 1 still eats at me. We had some small gains and we did what we needed to do to win the game and score points. We talked about simplifying the offense and we did that.  We gave us an opportunity, if we don't turn the ball over, and get that 4th and 1 call.

On when they came up with the game plan:

We've been no-huddle and doing it, this system was built for the season and not just Stanford and not just Texas A&M, but the whole season, if we needed to go up-tempo, we were already in no-huddle. You saw the gains of these young men and their confidence with a fifth-year senior quarterback. I wish we had won the game, that's the bottom line. Everything is about winning the football game.

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On throwing for it on 4th and 1:

When you call plays, you don't regret, you're trying to advance the ball and get in the end zone. Our kids know that. They're not chances, they're prepared opportunities. They didn't blink. Old school running back coaches like me have to figure out what the young men can do. But you go back and encourage them and find the small gains and compete. And I believe our young men will do that.

On if it frustrates him:

I'll leave it at that. You answered it for me.

On if they were successful in changing things up:

It's not success to me when you don't win. Did it give us an opportunity to gain confidence? A little bit. The UCLA program should be grinding and never believe we've arrived. Every day, teams will give us their best shot. We have to compete beyond our talent level and fight beyond our toughness level.

On if they'll go similarly on offense the rest of the way:

I'll always simplify it and I thought that was pretty simple. 

On how much play variety there was:

To the pass/no-huddle, we had more pass concepts. When they figured out the tempo, they didn't see the concepts. They'll game plan, the coaches on the other side. 

On 13 receivers catching a pass:

That's where we're at. We lost four receivers and a running back but that's no excuse. I tell them compete and grind and don't let anyone validate their effort. I'm proud of these young men.

On Bolu Olorunfunmi getting the majority of carries:

He was the healthiest. We'll go with the healthy back. And that's what competition is about. They come out to practice, and it's always about competing. Whoever is competing and available will get the opportunity.

On when they committed to throwing so much:

I was going to commit to balance.  Ill tell you balance, but I'll find the best way to win and I thought the best way to win today was throwing the football. It just happened. Our tempo helps our offensive line, doesn't allow them to tee off on us and allows our backup quarterback too make plays and give us an opportunity to win.

On Mike Fafaul's performance:

Gotta stop turning the ball over, plain and simple. Take the sacks. Did he gain some? Yes he did, but that's what you're supposed to do.

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