UCLA DC Tom Bradley Talk Defense Against Utah

Oct. 22 -- UCLA defensive coordinator Tom Bradley spoke about what plagued the Bruins in their loss to Utah...

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Opening statement:

They had a lot more 12 personnel than we anticipated. We got on the wrong side of some blocks and our fits were suppressed.

On the run defense:

I could have gotten us into some different calls earlier. But the big plays eat you alive. They had a 64-yarder. We didn't make him earn the yardage.  I think we have to analyze what we were doing against 12 personnel.


On if their own tempo offense affected the defense:

We knew they were going to go hurry up. That helps us score points and we're on the field longer, so be it. We anticipated and made sure the substitution game was different.

On Takk McKinley:

I thought he played excellent from up above. He stood out and made us big plays, forced the fumble, had some big sacks. I hate to take him off the field, but he needs some rest. I hate to have him off the field because he's so important to the defense.

On the defensive line rotation:

Coach McClure does a great job with that.  I know Angus keeps the count. He works with Pat Riley up stairs and charting it the whole game. They're talking about a number of plays. He's very cognizant of that during the game.

On getting on the wrong side of blocks:

How you're seeing things, how you're reacting to it. A couple times we got on the wrong side of the blocking and there was no one to kick it back to.

On having a bye week:

I think the one thing it will do will let us reevaluate. You want to call a perfect game, you can't do that all the time. I know there are some things we want to do better. You always think how can we help them. A couple days off will help us.  We won't treat us like an off week since we leave on a Wednesday and travel.

On Johnny Johnson starting at corner instead of Randall Goforth:

We thought we could get Randall involved more in the run game. Nate is still out. Fabian went out a little bit.  Randall does things where you can have him in the middle of the defense.

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