London: "Represent and Hit!"

He'll be starting as a true sophomore at the very storied position of middle linebacker at UCLA. <b>Justin London</b> understands the legacy, as he talks about living up to the history, the upcoming season, coming to UCLA from Virginia and more...

After backing up Marcus Reese in 2002, Justin London moves in to the starting middle linebacker spot, a storied position at UCLA. London talks about being the next MLB at UCLA, the influence of Marcus Reese, leaving Virginia and wearing #9.

BRO: You were part of that vaunted linebacker class from Virginia with Kai Parham and Ahmad Brooks. They stayed in state, you came West. Has it worked out well for you?

London: "It's been great. I made this decision because I thought it was the best place for me, and it turned out definitely to be and I am looking forward to the chance to start here. It's been a great choice."

BRO: The middle linebacker position at UCLA has had some great ones, like Jerry Robinson, Ken Norton, Robert Thomas, and then last year, Marcus Reese. Did he prepare you at all for this season and this position?

London: "Yeah he did. I definitely learned a lot from Marcus. I watched some old tapes, so I am still learning from Rob too. We do have a definite legacy here at UCLA with middle backers, and I just look to keep it going, and for the next three years, I look to hold it down and to continue that legacy."

BRO: Another legacy is the great players UCLA has gotten from the Virginia-Maryland area. Jonathan Ogden, Matt Darby, Flipper Anderson, Kevin Jordan and of course, Kenny Easley. Some pretty good company.

London: "It's just the change. I lived in Virginia my whole life, and it's great, but to come out here for four years, and live out here is great. I love the legacy of UCLA and the tradition and I just decided to come out here and pursue my career."

BRO: You learn a system last year, and then comes the coaching change. Was it tough learning the new system when you finally had the old one down?

London: "Yeah its tough, but these coaches are good teachers, and we caught on quick, and you could tell this spring we were catching on. The defense, we have a good grasp of what we want to do, so I think we will be good."

BRO: You are playing between Brandon Chillar and Spencer Havner this year, both of whom started last year. Have they been pretty helpful?

London: "They are definitely helpful. I played a little last year so I pretty much know what to expect. For myself, I am a game-type player, so I am ready, and our guys got it, and we will just go out there and get the job done."

BRO: You played on special teams last year, how hard was it to not be in there on every play?

London: "It was tough, but I understand the reason I wasn't that ready. It wasn't physically, but more mentally. But it was good for me, get a chance to see what it's like and then this year, show what I am about. So it was good for me."

BRO: You pretty happy you didn't redshirt?

London: "I'm glad I didn't. It was good for me. I got a chance to get out there, and that was real helpful."

BRO: You come in under Coach Toledo and Coach Snow, but a new regime is there now. What do you think of Coach Dorrell and his staff?

London: "It's been great. He is a very intense guy. Definitely lets you know he is there. We are intense, practices are intense, we're just going to go out there and perform this year."

BRO: Did Ricky Manning say anything to you about wearing #9?

London: "Represent and hit!"

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