UCLA Center Scott Quessenberry Talks Pass Protection Versus Utah

Oct. 25 -- UCLA center Scott Quessenberry spoke about the team's pass protection against Utah, moving to an all-pass game plan and more...


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On their blocking against Utah:

I thought we did a really good job in pass protection. Dropping back 71 times. I said before, pass protection is the toughest part and I thought we did a good job on Saturday. When it came down to it, there are points we have to run the ball and we have to execute it.

On what tempo does to a defense:

I think in a way it catches the other team off guard and they won't throw as much at us. We still do a good job staying square.


On if they were gassed after going tempo during the game:

No, that's what we came here to do when we got recruited. We knew that was the type of offense we'd be in. That was what we were in before it. We did it in practice and it prepared us for the game.

On if they bye comes at a good time:

Yeah, I do. I think we need some time to get our legs under us. We played a tough schedule, good opponents in a tough conference in the country. That gives us extra preparation for Colorado, who is a good team this year.

On if they knew early they'd be throwing so much against Utah:

I think sometime in the second quarter we knew we were going to air it out. We gave the rock to Mike and have faith in him going forward.  We'll do what's called.

On knowing Colorado coach Mike MacIntyre:

I think Coach Mac as a person and as a person, he's a really good guy, did a lot of great things for my family and gave my brother a scholarship. What he's done at Colorado is a good thing and what he did at San Jose State when my brother was there. What he's done this season isn't surprising.

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