UCLA QB Mike Fafaul On Getting Back On Track

Oct. 24 -- UCLA quarterback Mike Fafaul spoke about his performance against Utah, the status of Josh Rosen and more...


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On playing well but losing:

Honestly, I've focused on the turnovers we had. I personally had five and that's a lot and it's hard to win a game with five turnovers. It was a good game stat-wise but it really only matters when you win.

On if there was a theme on the turnovers:

They were all individual. When you throw the ball 71 times, you'll make mistakes and have to limit them and make sure they're not big mistakes. They were individual and I have to make sure they won't happen.


On if he takes more of a leadership role:

I try to have the same mindset every day and just being consistent and do whatever I have to do to help us to be in the best position possible.  I'm talking more but was always making suggestions. Being a senior, you have to step in to that role naturally. I've tried to be the same guy.

On throwing to Jordan Lasley:

I feel really comfortable throwing to him. He's doing a great job. He's physical and has good hands and we have a good rapport. I feel great throwing to him.  I have gotten a lot of reps with him and it really helps me out there feel comfortable and know they'll make a play for me. 

On Josh Rosen's status:

I really don't know, it's a day by day process for him. He says it's getting better so I'm taking his word for it.

On Rosen's frustration level:

He's frustrated. It's tough for him. He's done a great job with the team, especially me. He's frustrated but handling it well.

On what Rosen told him before the Utah game:

Just go out there and compete and have fun and cut it loose and compete.  He's done a good job of taking the pressure off me and making me relax.

On what he says during games:

He tells me the coverages and what they're doing out there. You can only see so much out there so he fills in the missing pieces for me.

On the extra motivation as a senior backup:

It's very tough but you have to have a tough mindset to be a quarterback and a backup. I try to take the team first mentality. I tried to do whatever I could to help us win and took that mindset.

On if his performances could help with a pro career:

That's the dream but I'm trying to take it one day at a time and get a win. I can't stand losing so I'm not really thinking about that right now. I just want to go out and beat Colorado next Thursday.

On the focus during the bye week:

Executing and being on the same page. A lot of plays, we're one guy off. We have to put it together. That's our main focus. We just need to finish as an offense. We're getting there in the passing game, but in the run game, we'll keep working and against Colorado I think it will be better because we have an extra week to prepare for them.


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