UCLA Coach Jim Mora Talks Bye Week

Oct. 29 -- UCLA head coach Jim Mora spoke about the team's preparation during the bye week and the challenges Colorado presents...

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Opening statement:

We got started on Colorado today. It was like a bonus Monday for us. It was good work.

On the bye week:

It's kind of a mini-bye week but it was great. Got some generic work in, got in some fundamentals and not worrying about game planning. Got a chance to give these guys some time to heal up, did some self scouting, revaluating some of the things we're doing, got a jump on Colorado, got to recruit, it was productive. 

On the mindset in returning:

It was great, like they have all year. We haven't won, but we haven't been blown out. Our guys are fighter.


On Colorado's balance:

They're pretty balanced. I don't know if they're the most balanced, but they're pretty balanced.

On if he saw this coming with Colorado:

Nah. They had been making progress with Coach Mac. We've played them the last two years and they've been great games and they've made steady progress with them. It's a testament to him and his staff and their program.

On if the goals have changed:

Our goal every week has to stay the same, prepare to win that week and that's always got to be our goal so we have to continue to do that.

On guys wanting to help:

Everyone does, the attitude is fantastic. This age group is resilient and they move moment to moment. They don't like we haven't won as many games, but they're still enthusiastic.  It's always been like that here. We've never been in this situation but we've always had a group that's responded well and cherished the opportunity.

On if the running game has a renewed sense of urgency:

I hope so. I think we all have a renewed sense of urgency to finish strong. These guys are consistent in their preparation. They want to do well and it's important to them. They treat each other with respect.  Unfortunately, the last drives of every game, we haven't been able to be successful.

On finishing games:

Guys step up and make plays. Guys come up with a big sack or interception or pass breakups or great plays.  Momentum builds from that. It's typical from all sports really. Someone steps up and grabs the moment.

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