UCLA DL Coach Angus McClure Talks McKinley and Line Adjustments

Oct. 29 -- UCLA defensive line coach Angus McClure spoke about the soaring stock of defensive end Takkarist McKinley, adjustments made following Utah and changes coming to college football...

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Opening statement:

We had a great Monday practice on a Saturday. With a Thursday game we've changed our schedule and called it a bonus Monday. I thought the energy was really good, the kids were intense on their thoughts and putting in new installation stuff. I thought it was a pretty good day.

On Takk McKinley:

He came in as a raw athlete. I seem to think he's improved every day since he's been there. We've asked him to do different things in his career. Last year he played a 4i and on the edge, and this year he's played more on the edge and feels more at home. I think his physical development, he came in at 225-230 and he's about 255-260 now. He's gotten more physical. He's a lot more physical than he was three years ago.

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On McKinley fighting through injury:

Speaking of Takk, he's a blood and guts guy. He's all heart and any time you get a combination of an elite athlete with a big heart, you'll get an exceptional player. I think he's really become a leader on this team and his teammates witness it every day. He's had injuries since camp and he's fought it through. He never wants to come out, he's always in there wanting to make plays. He's a leader on this team.

On fixing the run problems:

No question. We looked at the film. We made the adjustments. To move forward, we know exactly what we need to do and it shouldn't happen again.

On Colorado's offense:

They have a physical offensive line. I count four returning starters and they have an experienced group. They run a lot of pin and pull, zone, power schemes. We have a big challenge this week, no question. The quarterback is an excellent player, very athletic. He can run, throw, he can do it all. They have a very talented team.

On making adjustments in-game:

It's very difficult because in college football, we don't get replays or photos. It's coming to college football. They have it in the NFL and high school, they can look on ipads. We have to gather it and there is a lot of communication and at times, it takes time to figure out what they're doing. 

On if they can get the resources necessary to do it in-game:

In college football, it's an NCAA rule. In high school, they use all different services, HUDL is a big one, but other big services and the NFL, they use XOS.

On when that comes to college football:

It will come next year. It was voted on this year. They wanted to give it some time to get everyone prepared financially plus with the equipment.

On if he thinks its a good thing:

I think it's great for college football. The pictures are great, but the video will be really good. The kids come off the field and you have your iPad right there. You can review the series with them when it happened. To make adjustments, its more ideal to do it right then and there.  

On if it will make his job easier:

Currently, but also the offense has it so they'll see our alignment and do different blocking schemes so the chess match will continue.  But you'll have your answers quicker.

On monitoring Takk's snaps:

I monitor Takk and the rest of the defensive linemen and their reps. We like to rotate so each player has a different formula depending on their position and size. I have a rotation I like to use him.  I want him in there on key downs. He's been playing anywhere from 50-65 snaps a game, which is quite a few. He's an important piece to our defense and brings energy and is a spark.

On if Takk fights it when pulled out:

100%. He never wants to come out. Most don't want to. They know the formula going into the game and we stay consistent with it.

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