UCLA QB Coach Marques Tuiasosopo Talks Mike Fafaul

Oct. 30 -- UCLA quarterbacks coach Marques Tuiasosopo spoke Saturday about the progression of Mike Fafaul, limiting mistakes, backup Devon Modster and offered a brief update on Josh Rosen...

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On the focus during the mini-bye:

To get our guys refreshed, improve on things and help us this last quarter of the season.

On self-scouting themes:

The things we've been trying to work on this last month, to continue to excel and improve in the passing game and work on the running game. To be well balanced and not be so one-sided.


On Mike Fafaul:

He's stepped in and stepped up and given everything he has. The guys have seen that. He's a battler. He kept coming back against Utah and our offensive guys saw that and the thing that fires us up. He's going to give 100% every time.

On trying to establish a rhythm with the lack of a running game:

There are things you can control and things you can't control. The job of the quarterback is to manage the offense, lead them down the field and score points. There are times we won't be able to throw it very well and the running game is going to be critical. There are times the defense does things that make it hard for us to run. As a quarterback, you can't worry about that. Your job is to manage the game and score points. 

On the growth in Fafaul:

He's definitely stepped up from a leadership standpoint. I believe it's from him being around here. It's his fifth year. He's practiced a lot. And that takes toughness. That gets old really fast. The first year it's fun, the second year,  it gets to become the doldrums. Third year the same, the fourth year the same and then you're a fifth year senior. You love your teammates and school and you're out here because you love football. Then you have an opportunity to play. And he's stepped in there. Going through that process has helped him step up and not just get by, but to help us win.  Our focus is to hold on to the ball and he knows that. He's the first person to tell you all the things he's done bad and my job is to tell him he's done a great job and help him fix that so he can help us win.

On if he identifies with his guttiness:

That's your role as a quarterback. It's to lead. A lot of times you'll step up and make a throw. Sometimes it's the right call at the line of scrimmage and sometimes it's to manage everything. The role of quarterback is to get the job done. I think he's brought that. If a couple things go the other way, he holds on to the ball a little better, it will show up in the win-loss column. That's the thing that bothers him the most. He doesn't care about the records, he cares about taking care of the ball. That's the role of the quarterback.

On Devon Modster:

He's young and learning and understanding what it takes to play quarterback in this position. He's alert in the meeting room, takes great notes. Coming from a successful career at Tesoro High School. He has some athleticism and we learned in camp, it's not too big for him. Our other guy, Matt (Lynch) is doing a great job. They understand when they come here to always be ready.

On Josh Rosen:

No update. We're just hopeful. One day at a time, we'll see what happens.



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