Polamalu On Offensive Balance, Colorado

Oct. 30 -- UCLA offensive coordinator Kennedy Polamalu talked about his players working to improve, the offense evolving and matching up against Colorado...

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On if they'll see a running game this week:

Always. We're always grinding to do it. Like everything else, we've simplified the task and I believe everyone all the way around are getting better. I really want balance to help our quarterback.  That's what we're always trying to go for but the bottom line is to score points and help this team win games.

On if he's seen any breakthrough:

Yes, we have. Even in the game film. The minimal time we did run it, except for the two they stalled us and it wasn't tempo, they had a chance to tee off on us.  They had a competitive edge and I thought we were efficient in it. The scoring helps the psyche.

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On if he second guessed himself after Utah:

No because when you got down 14 and our first two carries, we end up with minus three yards. We had a chance up 21-14 and then we had a turnover that could have changed the whole game and how they attacked us. I don't really watch how they attack us. When we ended up getting the turnover, we felt we could throw the ball on them and protect against them. You always want to score rushing touchdowns. We had shots at the end zone and didn't punch it in and you go back and ask what you could have done better.  Confidence wise, I think you'll see some progress.

On Brandon Stephens:

He's learning and trying to make sure the psyche of a young freshman, you want a positive experience and we're always working towards our young guys playing.

On if the backs will be at full strength:

I don't think anyone is 100% but they're doing everything possible, doing treatment, taking care of their body.  You have to have a routine and commit to it. They're always working back to getting back on the field and their number one goal is to help the team.

On seeing 70 passes as a running back:

It was very difficult because when you get into a mindset to try to win and you go back and look at yourself and evaluate your call, you know they're going zero coverage, and your mindset is to get something quick out and let the receiver win. But I don't believe that will build our confidence. As a team, we said we're going to punch it and believe in it and knock them off the ball and it wasn't successful. When you go through that when it's not successul and you're not helping the team, you go back. I always self-evaluate. If you ask if I have regrets, no, I always try to help our team win ballgames. 

On where this season ranks for him:

I haven't had a chance to look back on it because you're always locked in to the next season. We'll go back and self-evaluate but I don't have time to go back and see that in 20 years, but we've had some tough ones. What I know is you come back, tighten up the fundamentals, keep the enthusiasm and energy and when your kids look at that, you have it. When they see you and you don't have it, they won't be themselves. You have to lift them somedays as they've lifted you.

On what he's seen from Colorado defensively:

They've done a nice job. A lot of four and five year players they've built their program. They're big. Their nose guard is a big man, their odd front is big. They've done a nice job in their discipline and not given up a lot of big plays. You have to get first downs and not let them dictate and I know we'll do our best to help our team win.

On Colorado's turnaround:

You get tired of losing. Competitive, they have an experienced group. Those guys have played a lot of football. They haven't had the success they've liked, but they've played a lot of football.

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