TE Austin Roberts On State of Offense

Oct. 30 -- UCLA tight end Austin Roberts talked about the morale of the team after three losses, and playing in an up-tempo style...

Austin Roberts talked Sunday during Colorado week.

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On the mindset of the team:

Right now, we're trying to 1-0 each week, build on our offensive performance of last week, be more consistent. Not score on two drives and then go three and out, but be consistent and score every time.

On the 1-0 mentality:

It has been our mentality. We have dropped a few games, but now we're trying to emphasize it, get to six wins and get to a bowl game. We have four games left. To get a four-game win streak, you have to go 1-0 and go against a great team like Colorado.


On if there was a new energy in practice:

The mentality goes up when it starts raining and the weather goes bad. We love it. Its like playing football in the park. Practice was hard but we were having fun. I have a great feeling about this game right now.  

On the offense responding to being up tempo:

We changed the tempo but if you look at the film, but a lot of our tight end in the game concept was still there. We were helping blocking. But the tempo change helped and we caught Utah off guard and played within our realm. We can't wait to cut it loose this Thursday.

On Nate Iese:

What I like about Nate is he puts his head down and starts working. There are times there are some struggles, he just kept his head down and kept working. I knew it would happen, I'm not surprised at all. I'm really happy for him and excited to see what he'll do this Thursday.

On the blocking improvements since spring:

I wish I could show you where we started in spring compared to now. Our steps are better, our hand placement is better. We're not getting in people's way, we're accentuating holes and when we're being asked to pass-blocked, we're not getting manhandled by bigger defensive players. You have to give credit to Coach Klemm and Coach Rip.  Its been very satisifactory so far but it can always get better.

On Mike Fafaul:

We always knew if we had to call his number, he could go out and cut it and that's what we asked him to do last week, throw 71 times. There was no question in anyone's mind. We just need him to trust us.

On what they can do to get to the point of consistency:

I really think we have to be a more consistent offense. We can't start off hot with two touchdowns then go three three-and-out's. I feel it comes out on us. We have to be more consistent and change the field position.

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