Olorunfunmi On RB Role In Improving Run Game

Nov. 1 -- Sophomore tailback talked about how the running backs can help improve UCLA's struggling running game, facing Colorado and more...

Bolu Olorunfunmi talked during Colorado week.

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On the run game mindset:

From a running back standpoint, we just play really. We have it in our heads, wherever we need to be, a receiver spot or an extra lineman, we do what we have to do. In practice, we just run hard and whatever is called is called.

On the health of the backs:

We’re making plenty of progress and getting better. This will be the first game we’re all 100% and back to ourselves. Everyone is working and getting better and better.

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On trying not to be discouraged:

Try to have the mindset that our numbers don’t make the men or who we are. It doesn’t define who we are, we just keep working and grind every day. He tells us to get the ugly yards and get what you can and keep working. Show the demeanor of trying to get something out of nothing. At the end of the day, wherever the team needs us, to block of catch the ball, we’ll do whatever it takes. We’re not just athletes, we’ll do whatever we can to help the team. That’s how our minds are set.

On what the backs can do to improve on what they haven’t done:

Coach P has told us to get the ugly yards. Not every hole will be there to find.  Just run and get the ugly yards, the 3-4 yards and that’s what we’re starting to get into our heads. Hit the hole, if there is nothing there or a little crease, hit it and get it.  Ugly yards, get what you can. Don’t sit there and get zero when you get 1, 2, 3, you may get lucky.

On throwing more instead of running:

When I think of the pass, half is us blocking, half is us out for a route. Either way I was involved. Throwing the ball 70 times is an achievement. I have to take my hat off to Mike Fafaul. It made me happy that we have someone who can step it up and do big things and he did that last game.

On his pass blocking:

Pass protection has been a grind for me because I didn’t think I would be doing it that much. He always tells us to train our eyes and it helps you get the job done.


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