Mike Fafaul on Transition to Starting QB

Oct. 31 -- Senior quarterback Mike Fafaul talks about settling into the role of the starting quarterback and his familiarity with the up-tempo offense...

Mike Fafaul talked Monday of Colorado week. 

If the video doesn't work, try this version:

On how his approach has changed being the starter:

Honestly it hasn't really changed. I keep the same approach I have all year. I just go out every day and try and get better. I'm just trying to take that approach in practice.

On how his arm felt after Utah:

Sore.  It had a lot of throws. But the bye week helped.  Ice, stretch, massage, everything.


On going in with more reps under his belt:

I think it's a lot easier from the standpoint of seeing the coverages. The more times you see it, the easier it is. I feel really comfortable.

On the key to a balance offense:

Balance helps with anything in life. I'm trying to do the best I can do with my responsibilities with the pass, RPO and the run game.  We'll get balanced this week and it will help us a lot.

On if he's more comfortable in tempo:

I've been running it the last four years so it's been good going back to tempo.

On Nate Iese:

I love having Nate out there. He's a big guy, he's physical, he wins in man coverage. He's awesome. I love having him out there.

On freedom in adjusting at the line of scrimmage:

A lot of freedom.  KP is pretty fluid with the checks he gives us. Against Utah I did one. We did a lot of pass plays to start.  

On if its stressful not knowing the big picture:

No, I try not to look at the big picture as much. I try to take it one step at a time. I'll go in, get treatment and watch film. That's how I do it. It's how I manage everything.

On the role Josh Rosen plays in preparation:

A lot has to do with the room and we work as a unit in the room. There are a lot of guys in there that give me advice. It's not just Josh, but Tui, Devon and Matt.  It's been good for me.

On the young quarterbacks:

Devon has been playing well and is stepping up and has a good grasp of the offense. Matt is right there with him. They've matured in the snaps they've gotten on scout team.

On how Rosen has handled the injury:

Very well.  It's hard getting injured and not being with your team but he's handled it with maturity and discipline. He's worked hard. He's been a good leader for this team. I've been impressed with him.

On limiting turnovers:

Just executing. Being smart with the ball. This week we did better with it. I'm not sure we had any turnovers this week. We were smart with the ball and efficient this week.

On having a Tom Brady poster:

It's on my house back in Maryland. I have a picture here. He's my favorite quarterback. I've never met him but I have a bunch of pictures and a calendar of him. Just Tom Brady. My mom got it for me for Christmas.


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