UCLA Quarterback Josh Rosen Probably Out for the Season

Nov. 1 -- Sources are indicating to Bruin Report Online that the shoulder injury of UCLA star quarterback Josh Rosen will more than likely make him unavailable for the remainder of the season...

UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen is more than likely out for the remainder of the season because of his shoulder injury, according to multiple sources.

Rosen suffered the injury toward the end of the Arizona State game Oct. 8th.  Since then he's only had a very limited time in practice, including on Saturday when he strained to throw a few short passes.  

Rosen experienced a severe shoulder sprain against ASU, which has resulted in some nerve weakness in his shoulder. 

As a result, Rosen missed the last two games -- losses to Washington State and Utah. It was hoped for within the program that the bye last week would give him time to heal and be ready for the Colorado game Thursday, but Rosen, to our knowledge, has yet to practice since those few inhibited throws Saturday. 

The type of injury is a potentially serious one, with very little method to determine if the shoulder will regain healthy nerve activity and the time frame for recovery. Other quarterbacks who have had a similar injury to Rosen's have had a wide range of recovery results, with some returning within several weeks, and others being out for a more extended period. Some quarterbacks with a severe version of the injury have had to eventually undergo surgery for symptoms that arise from further complications, which could lead to a recovery of multiple months.  It has also led ultimately to the end of some quarterbacks' careers.

Josh Rosen v. ASU (Photo: Steve Cheng)

Last Monday, UCLA head coach Jim Mora said, "What happens is the nerve has to start firing again...the question is when does it fire again."

Given that UCLA is 3-5 this season, there are opinions within the program that it wouldn't be worth hurrying back Rosen to the playing field and risk escalating the injury.  

There is a chance that Rosen could return, if the shoulder recovered fully and doctors determined Rosen's career was clearly not at risk.  But, according to sources, that is unlikely with four games remaining in the regular season. 

After going to Colorado Thursday, UCLA faces Oregon State November 12th and USC November 19th, both at the Rose Bowl, then finishes off with Cal in Berkeley November 26th.  

Whether Rosen would be available for a bowl game, if UCLA did indeed earn a berth for one, is absolutely impossible to determine. 

Rosen had thrown for 1,915 yards, averaging 319 yards per game, with ten touchdowns, through five games. 

Redshirt senior Mike Fafaul, a former walk-on, has taken over for Rosen, starting the Washington State and Utah games. Fafaul threw for single-game school records against Utah for passing attempts (70) and completions (40).  In that game, he threw for a total of 464 yards, which ranks third on the UCLA all-time single-game yardage list. 


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