Nate Iese

UCLA Tight End Nate Iese Talks on Finally Getting the Ball

Nov. 2 -- Senior tight end Nate Iese has had his hopes up over the years to be more utilized in the UCLA offense; he talked about it coming to fruition this season...

Nate Iese talked during Colorado week.

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On being used more in the passing game:

I’ve definitely been progressing the more reps I’m getting. I feel like our quarterbacks and tight ends have a good relationship because we’re big bodies and targets and they feel more comfortable giving us the ball with the mismatches.  It has a lot to do with your performance in practice because it carries it on to the field.

On if the coaches challenged him early in the season by talking about playing Caleb Wilson more:

Caleb (Wilson) is a great player and young guy who pushes me every day. Him and Jordan Wilson and Austin Roberts. We always compete in that room. If I don’t come in with a mentality, something would happen. As far I’m concerned, everything is going good.

On carrying over the fall camp success:

I’m very satisified with what’s happening but not content at all. I would still like to keep progressing from week to week. The more reps the better. I feel like I’m getting better with competition.

On his confidence level:

I’m feeling very confident. I’ve gained confidence the more reps I take. Hopefully I’ll be able to put another game out there and also get a win.

On Rip Scherer:

Coach Rip is great. He was a quarterback coach at one point and he’s helped us read coverages which has helped us get open. Helps us get a pre-snap read.  Helping us in the relationship with the quarterbacks and Coach Tui.

On being comfortable with Mike Fafaul:

Most definitely. Mike is a great quarterback, fifth year guy, senior. Great guy on and off the field. We’re always comfortable with Mike. We love Josh. I don’t know how things are going with him but it’s a day to day process and we’ll deal with what we have right now. We trust Mike.

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