UCLA Head Coach Jim Mora Talks After Colorado Loss

Nov. 3 -- UCLA head coach Jim Mora spoke following the Bruins' loss to Colorado about the offensive inefficiency, mistakes on special teams and much more...

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Opening statement:

Obviously it’s a disappointing loss. We couldn’t get anything going on offense and had some struggles on special teams. That’s a good team, and when that happens, when you can’t get anything going on offense, and you give up a punt return, and have a field goal attempt blocked, it’s going to be tough to win. I thought we fought our tails off, that’s what we have to keep doing, and that’s what we’re going to continue to do.”

On the penalties:

I thought the officials did a good job getting it under control. I thought that Mike (MacIntyre) and myself brought our teams together and said ‘let’s just play football’. They’re emotional young men, and this is an emotional game, they’re fighting hard to try to win and sometimes that happens. I commend both sides, once it got to that point, for pulling it back. Colorado is a heck of a football team, Mike’s done a great job, and I wouldn’t let the penalties be the story, certainly.

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On the Colorado punt return for a touchdown:

It was a lot more than punt placement or coverage. We were supposed to be in a rugby punt, and we didn’t rugby. We kicked it down the middle with no hang time and if you do that against a good punt returner, that’s what’s going to happen.

On snap issues from Scott Quessenberry:

Scotty didn’t really practice much this week, he has a bad shoulder, so early just trying to adjust to snapping it, he was struggling. He got back on track, he fought threw it, he’s a tough kid, he’s got great character. He hadn’t practiced all week, his right shoulder has really been bothering him and he wanted to gut it out.

On not capitalizing on Colorado miscues:

It’s incredibly disappointing. We had so many opportunities with four takeaways in the first half, and like you said we had field position given to us because of personal foul penalties on Colorado. We had our own problems there so I’m not saying that as a negative towards Colorado, but it’s terribly disappointing not being able to find points. Terribly disappointing.

On the run game:

Not good enough. We scored 10 points off of four take-aways. That’s not very good.

On Josh Rosen being out:

Josh who? We’re talking about Colorado here, so if you want to talk about Colorado here, we can do that.

On the defense bouncing back:

I thought their effort was excellent against Utah. I don’t think their performance was very good, but I would never question their effort. We gave up some runs against Utah that we got squared away today, I think we played well. These guys have a lot of pride, they’ve played very well for most of the season. We had a little breakdown against Utah. Our defense takes a lot of pride in their performance and they showed it again tonight. They kept on rising up, and rising up, and rising up, and I’m really proud of those guys.

On the takeaways:

We just made some plays on the ball. We had a good pass rush and when the quarterback is under duress a little bit, sometimes the throws aren’t as accurate. We were able to catch it, and that’s what you’re looking for. 

On his worst season at UCLA:

I’m not worried about me, I’m concerned about our young men. This is a test for them. It’s unfortunate, and it’s hard, but it’s also a great learning opportunity for them. They’re going to go through life and have moments of adversity, it’s not always going to go swimmingly and smooth, and they’re going to have to learn to deal with it. They’re emotional young men, they care very much about winning, so my concern is for our players.

On whether the offense found a rhythm:

No, we scored 10 points, it’s been that way all year.

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