UCLA Coordinator Kennedy Polamalu Talks Offense Versus Colorado

Nov. 3 -- UCLA offensive coordinator Kennedy Polamalu talks inefficiency against Colorado, going with Soso Jamabo at running back and more...

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Opening statement:

I can't tell you how disappointing.  They've been working hard and doing the things, but 10 points is not enough. You get in that area and you'd like to score touchdowns not line up for field goals. You want to score touchdowns.

On red zone struggles:

In the red zone, we took a sack, which was a bad situation. Then we thought we could run the ball and take some of the edge off, with our heavy personnel. Then they went into a coverage and did a nice job of coveraging our concept. I thought the young men were still staying together and were trying. We were just short again and it's frustrating.

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On trying to establish the run:

We're working on it and continually working on it. You had some glimpses it would do some good things then they were pretty stout. It's disappointing to me we line up for field goals instead of touchdowns.

On heavy personnel on first and goal:

We thought we could punch in the edge, outside edge, and move them because they were real stout in the middle. We had some missed assignments that caused some penetration. We just simplified it and simplified the concepts. You have to keep improving and grinding.

On snapping issues:

It always effects the timing. The quarterback from center exchange is the most important one. And it effected us and there was no explanation, it just happened. He didn't even know he was doing it. Keep stressing it and stressing it. He's our center.

On Soso Jamabo starting:

He was healthy. He has some of the juice to get to that second level. He had some opportunities. You want that continuity and feel with the offensive lineman. We lost our guard early so you want that continuity.  I'll have to watch the film. When you call the plays, you're thinking ahead.  To watch their performance, I did not get a good chance.

On how having to use Mike Fafaul has affected the play calling:

We're trying to help the young man, he's given us everything he has. We're trying to establish the run game. First half, I think we did win time of possession. We could have made some plays for him.

On what happened to Najee Toran:

You'll have to ask Coach, but we had to put Poasi in at right guard.

On keeping players from being discouraged:

We really talk about being together and working to get better. It's a good group of young men. Nothing but a win can resolve the bad taste you have. They're showing up and we want to keep grinding.

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