UCLA QB Mike Fafaul On Missed Opportunities Versus Colorado

Nov. 3 -- UCLA quarterback Mike Fafaul spoke about the loss to Colorado, missing opportunities in the red zone, the news on Josh Rosen and more...

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On Josh Rosen being out:

I found out a couple days ago that he was getting surgery. It was probably two or three days before the announcement, it wasn’t far into the game.

On how Rosen is doing:

It is tough for him not being out there but I think he is holding up well. He is getting ready for surgery next week and he is going to handle it like a man. I’m sure he will be fine.


On not converting on field position:

Colorado has a great defense and they did a good job with our scheme. They understood what we wanted to do in the pass game and they just played really well. We have to execute on our end, it is just too bad.

On the erratic snaps:

The balls were a little slick but they were manageable for the most part; except for the first one on the first drive. It threw me off a little bit but it wasn’t anything major.

On improving the snaps:

I was just letting him know where they were and telling him to just keep working on them. Nothing crazy just what you would think.

On how season is going:

It is terrible, I don’t like losing. It is just hard right now but we are going to keep fighting. We are going to keep swinging till the last game.


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