UCLA DC Tom Bradley Talks Defense Against Colorado

Nov. 4 -- UCLA defensive coordinator Tom Bradley spoke about the effort against Colorado, mistakes that led to extended drives and where the team goes from here...

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On the performance:

We made some penalties- chances to get off the field and we didn't.  We had the one pass interference, the sack and the facemask.  We hit it right where we wanted to hit it. If you're going to win, you can't make those kinds of mistakes. It's nip and tuck. You take care of the little things, the big things take care of themselves. In the crucial times, you have to be disciplined and smart and you'll win the game.

On Nate Meadors returning:

I don't know how well he played from the sidelines, but he's a really good football player for our team and he allows us to do some other packages for this team.


On the defense outperforming the offense again:

Everyone is talking about the punt return, but we still wouldn't have gotten that done. We have to do a better job. There are situations we can do a better job. As long as understand we can get better. These type of games, there are small things, but important to the game.  We could have generated field position to help them.

On getting four takeaways:

A couple were really good plays. The one, he threw it right to our guy. I don't think he'd thrown a pick all year until today. We got some pressure on him.  The disguise coverage did well. The confusion where he held the ball longer than he wanted to, we got better breaks on the football.

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