UCLA RB Soso Jamabo Talks Running Game Versus Colorado

Nov. 4 -- UCLA running back Soso Jamabo spoke about the rush attack against Colorado, wanting to take the heat off Mike Fafaul and more...

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On the running game:

The running game was very stagnant.  We couldn’t get it going, unfortunately.  It’s disappointing. But we are going to keep going forward and working hard. Obviously, you can’t quit so we are going to keep doing what we can do.

On finding a rhythm:

I think the running game as it is the guys are trying to find a rhythm. That’s what they’re trying to do; they still haven’t found the rhythm quite yet. All we can do is keep working hard and preserving through this point in the season. We’re going to keep working hard, like I said.

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On his health:

It’s a long season. Obviously, I am a little banged up. I felt good enough to play a full game against Colorado, who is a pretty good team. I’m going to train a bit tomorrow and keep trying to stay healthy for the rest of the season.

On supporting the quarterback:

It’s very disappointing not being able to help out. Obviously Mike was throwing fire, and we would hope to help him out by having a running game. Unfortunately, we haven’t done that. Mike’s done a great job of leading the team and being a great leader through tough times. He’s doing a good job.

On team unity:

We are going to stay together, that’s what you got to do. We are all brothers. It’s not hard to stay a family, to stay brothers. It’s not hard to stay friends. Once you are friends, you are friends. Losing doesn’t make you not friends, or not teammates. We’re going to stay together and keep working hard. We have three weeks of practice left. We have to go on a good note going into the next season and that’s what we are going to do.


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