UCLA LB Jayon Brown Disappointed With Mistakes Against Colorado

Nov. 4 -- UCLA linebacker Jayon Brown spoke about the mental mistakes against Colorado, the offense not capitalizing on the takeaways, supporting Josh Rosen and more...

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On losing to Colorado:

They played a really good game and had a really good game plan and executed more than we did.

On the penalties:

It was a chippy game, but we have to keep our composure and just not let that affect us cause that is going to hurt us with the fifteen yard penalties.

On his personal foul:

I’ve got to be smarter. I missed the sack so if I would have made that play we wouldn’t have been in that situation. He probably wouldn’t have gotten three and it would have been a closer game. So I just have to do better.


On not capitalizing on takeaways with points:

Well sometimes they struggle and sometimes we struggle. They weren’t perfect and we weren’t perfect so we just have to build and learn from our mistakes in film tomorrow.

On Colorado's progress:

They were a really good team last year and in the same boat we were in last year. In close games but couldn’t finish and this year they have the winning formula. They are really good and I think leading the South.”

On the takeaways:

Just a great week of preparation and play calling from our coaches and great execution by us on defense. We just got to do better not allowing so many points so that our offense doesn’t have to put up so many.

On Josh Rosen being out:

It is tough but we stand by him and just have to be there for him. Whenever or if he comes back, we will be ready for him.


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