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Stanford Commit Sione Lund Still Interested In UCLA

Nov. 7 -- Longtime Stanford commit Sione Lund, the top-rated athlete in the state of Utah, was admitted into the school recently but still has interest in UCLA...

It's been nearly a year since Sione Lund committed to Stanford and the four-star prospect was able to take the next step with the Cardinal last week when he was accepted into the school.

That's typically the last hurdle for recruits looking seriously into Stanford but, for Lund, there might be a couple more stages leading up to National Signing Day. The 6-foot, 225-pound power back from Salt Lake City (Utah) Brighton told he is in the process of planning official visits with the likes of MichiganUCLA and USC, though it appears that it will be difficult to pull him away from the Cardinal.

"It's been crazy. I found out I was admitted a couple days ago and I still can't stop smiling given the amount of work and effort it took for me to get to that point," Lund said. "It's been a blessing and just surreal. I still can't believe it happened.

"Right now, Stanford is my plan but if other schools are still taking interest and want me to visit their campus, I'll do that. I'm still going to respect those that are interest and continue to look into other schools."

Lund said he has been building relationships with several other Stanford recruits and the group has a thread going through text message. Every member is kept up to date with the latest activity and news in regards to the Cardinal's 2017 recruiting class. Davis MillsColby Parkinson and Stuart Head are among that group, according to Lund.

"Every time someone gets admitted, we're congratulating each other," Lund said. "It's been cool to see that already and keep in touch about official visits. We've been building relationships on social media, as well."

Michigan, UCLA and USC are the three main competitors that Lund intends to continue to keep an eye on and potentially visit. All three have offered, with the Trojans being the most recent of the group.

"At USC, coach (Johnny) Nansen hit me up to call him, probably to set up an official, so I'm going to contact them and see what's going on," Lund said. "They want me to come in and play a fullback position and that's something I was really interested in doing there. My relationship with them is good. I've also talked to coach (John) Baxter since he was at Michigan."

The Bruins, meanwhile, drew an unofficial visit in the spring and Lund said he has been thinking about getting back to Westwood, especially with good friend and fellow Utah native Chaz Ah You also considering the program.

"Coach (Marques) Tuiasosopo and them, just from a cultural standpoint, I can really relate to those guys," Lund said. "We're very similar with backgrounds and stuff like that. They also see me being a big piece in their scheme. They have been super supportive in everything I've done and constantly contacting me, and that's why I'm really interested in them. They have invested time in me.

"I know the coaches and built a great relationship with them, so their struggles this season hasn't affected anything for me. I know UCLA football is UCLA football and they'll always be a competitive program. There is room to get better."

The Wolverines have been an appealing team for quite some time and that has only escalated following the success on the field this year, Lund said.

"I definitely see myself visiting," Lund said. "What I love about Michigan is that they use their big backs. They have big, quick guys, and I just love the scheme. And obviously with Jim Harbaugh -- if you want to be the best player you can be, why not go play for one of the best coaches? They also have a Polynesian community growing and that really sticks out to me with Michigan."

Lund said he intends to lock in official visit dates with schools this week. He has decided that he won't take an LDS mission following high school, so he would be in line to enroll by next summer.

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