Jayon Brown on Leadership and OSU

Nov. 7 -- UCLA linebacker Jayon Brown talked about leadership and the morale of the team after four straight losses heading into the Oregon State game Saturday...

Jayon Brown talked to the media Monday. 

If the video doesn't work, try this version:

On mindset going into Oregon State:

We can't change the past.  We have to focus on this week and Oregon State and getting a victory.

On what he needs to do as a leader:

Get the team to approach practice better and get our mindset right this week. It's a new week, we want to get bowl eligible and Oregon State is in our way right now, so we have to start with them. 

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On if more is expected from him as a leader:

It does start with me and every other leader on this team.  We have to set the example in meetings and practice and attack this hard and end this losing streak.

On thinking about the NFL:

I'm just out here having fun playing football for UCLA and my team. I'm not really thinking about that.

On how he felt the defense performed against Colorado:

I feel like there was a good defensive stand, but we should have done better. We're not perfect and we have a lot more to get better on.

On what he's seen from Oregon State:

Very good at the skill position, receiver and running backs and they have a mobile quarterback. We have to eliminate their star players.

On Oregon State needing a win too:

I watched their full game during our bye week when they played Washington State. They had a 21-0 lead and Washington State had a great comeback and win. This will be a tough game and either way we'll have to be ready.


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